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HAZRAT ABDULLAH SHAH GHAZI ( RAHMATULLAH ALLAIH ) is one of the Greatest and Famous Sufi saint. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi (RA). Belongs to the 4th generation of Hazrat Amir ul Momineen Hazrat Ali Karam Allahu Wajhu. Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi (RA) migrated from Arab to Karachi area and took wisal here.

A VERY FAMOUS AND GREAT MIRACLE AT DARGAH SHAREEF'S WELL : The Dargah Shareef of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi (RA) is adjacent to sea ( Arbia sea ). The sea water and water of other wells in this area are salty. But the water in Dargah shareef of Hazrat Abdullah Shah Ghazi (RA) is very sweet, which is a great miracle and many people say the holy water of
this dargah shareef is a great tabaruk and many people get cure by drinking this water.

It is places of Auliyas ( Great friends of Allah ) where you will find Such Miracles. Below is list of Other Dargah Shareefs where you will find such karmats of Water.

Well at Dargah of Hazrat Daata Ganj Baksh Ali Hajveri (RA), Lahore.

Sweet Water Well at Dargah Hazrat Syed Shareef-ul-Madani ( Qad das Allahu Sirra ul Azeez ) , Ullal Shareef in Karnataka ( where you will find arbian sea adjacent to dargah shareef ) and 10 Lakhs people witnessed the miracle of this well during the urs e shareef when there was shortage of water in the entire ullal. Also there are also many other great miracles of this great Tabayee Hazrat Syed Shareef-ul-Madni ( Qaddas allahu sirra ul azeez ) who came from Madina


What are the Karamaats
A very good informative article (by Siraj Sahab)

Regarding karamat (supernatural powers/charisma's). These powers manifest themself during a certain stage of development along the spiritual path. In case one gets too interested in them, they can lure you away from the path and may stop further inner development.

It is difficult to judge the specific case you describe. The fact that it has become public is probably a sign that it is a fraud.

This is what a Chishti pir has written about karamat:

"Mu'jizat or miracles have been performed by prophets. Karamat or supernatural powers are exhibited by saints. According to some the supernatural powers are exhibited consciously and according to others they are exhibited unconsciously. But in any case there should be no performance for personal aggrandisement. If the object of exhibition of the supernatural powers is to win fame or fortune or public applause or to win a superior status or to attract people or to enlist disciples, then there can be no doubt that it is a misuse of the powers. Supernatural powers are beyond the human understanding.

They cannot be understood by all and sundry. They do not admit logic, rhyme or reason. Once a saint has merged his self in the divine ocean, he becomes capable of doing things and performing deeds, which others cannot possibly do in spite of their best efforts.

The Sufis rely upon the following verse of the Qur'an which reads thus:

Indeed, those who surrender themselves to Allah while doing good, Shall be rewarded by their Lord And there shall no fear come upon them nor shall they grieve.

The following tradition is also important: ‘My servant continues to come nearer to Me through further acts of devotion (nawafil) until I love him. And when I love him, then I am his hearing so that he hears by Me, his sight so that he sees by Me, his tongue so that he speaks by Me and his hand so that he holds by Me'.

There are various and multifarious visible and invisible manifestations of the supernatural powers of the Sufis. Let us first take the visible manifestations of their supernatural powers. They are given as under:

1. To traverse long distances in a very short time and to reach a place situated hundreds of miles away in such a short time that many people will feel reluctant to believe the same.

2. To pray for somebody or for something and to get their prayer accepted by Allah.

3. To get food, water, raiment and clothes whenever they need it from the source invisible.

4. To walk on water.

5. To fly in the air.

6. To hear and to understand what the inanimate objects say to them.
Shaykh al-akbar ibn al-'Arabi (d. 1240) says: ‘I hear the stones making the remembrance of Allah and eulogising and praising Him in such a way that a human being cannot understand it'.

7. To hear the talk of animals with them..

8. To get the wild animals yield to them and to make them subservient and submissive to them.

9. To avert the impending or coming of catastrophes and disasters.

10. To overcome and overpower the enemies.

11. To cure the sick and handicapped.

12. To heal wounds.

13. To make some hidden thing visible and to make some visible thing hidden.

14. To appear and to be seen in different places at the same time.

15. To exhibit a tremendous physical power, not possible for a human being, such as taking a very big and strong tree out of the earth by a mere kick or shattering a strong wall by one stroke of the hand.

16. To uproot a tree or to destroy a fort merely by pointing towards the tree or the fort.

17. To separate the head from the body of someone by pointing towards the head with the finger.

18. To serve a small quantity of food which suffices many persons.

There are many other visible manifestations of supernatural powers by the Sufis which cannot be enumerated here for want of space. Among the invisible manifestations of supernatural powers is the power of kashf (disclosure, uncovering, inspiration). Kashf is of two kinds. One kind of kashf is this that one may become aware of things, which are not visible to the human sight. The second type of kashf, i.e. kashf-i-ilahi (divine disclosure), means and implies that the one treading the spiritual path may know the state and condition of himself and of others on this path and may be acquainted with their degree of knowledge to Allah. There are other manifestations of the
power of kashf. The spiritual guide gets the heart of the murid (spiritual disciple) focused on Allah and regulates his thoughts, and gets diffused thoughts concentrated on Allah and on the remembrance of Allah. The spiritual guide confers peace and tranquillity through his inner power on those sitting in his presence.

In addition to those karamat mentioned above there are more manifestations. The chief among them are the following:

1. Clairvoyance: This means the second sight. It may be termed the faculty of being a seer. It is an exceptional insight. It is the faculty of seeing mentally what is happening somewhere else and what exists out of sight.

2. Clairaudience: Of clairaudience it may be said that it ‘consists in receiving auditory impressions of intelligible phrases, not previously associated with the name of person or place involved in the statement'. Further it may be said that ‘these impressions may be sporadic or may be continuous. In the case of a genuine development; where the interior sense is fully opened up, the communication will be continuous and normal, as much so as ordinary conversation and the translation of onsciousness into terms of sense will be so rapid and unimpeded as to give to an Englishman the impression that he is listening to his native language and to a Frenchmen that he is listening to French, though the communication may proceed from a source which renders this impossible'.

3. Psychometry: It is the faculty of knowing from physical contact or proximity the qualities of an object or of a person.

4. Telepathy: This means the action of one mind on another, at a distance, through emotional influence - without communication through the senses. Messages may be sent and replies may be received without any outward communication whatsoever. Thoughts of persons can be read.

5. Psychomancy: This means the occult communication between souls or with spirits.

The Sufis treat supernatural powers as of no consequence! According to them the one engaged consciously in the display of supernatural powers, is deterred and hindered in the path leading to spiritual perfection. But the supernatural powers exhibited unconsciously, are the visible proof of the inherent spiritual strength of the saint".


Anaa Sagar in Ajmer Shareef ( Famous Karmat of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty (RA), Hindal Wali Sultan-ul-Hind )
Hazrat Haji Malang Baba (RA) ( Horse's karmat of water on the hills )
Hazrat Haji Ali Baba (RA) ( The dargah itself in the sea which is a great karmat to see even today )
Hazrat Khader Vali Ganj Sawayee ( Nagore Shareef – There is Chilla shareef near sea )
Hazrat Syedina Tameem ul Ansari (Razi Allahu Taalahu Anhu ( The dargah is adjacent to sea and the sacred Janaza Mubarak was guarded by big fishes for 5 years in the sea )
Hazrat Mardan-e-Ghaib (RA) ( The Dargah is beside water spots )
Hazrat Usman Shah Vali (RA) ( Kolar – when baba gave a punch (hit) to the hill with his hand water came and the place is famous as Gaimukh in Kolar, Karnataka ).
Hazrat Syedina Malik Dinar (Razi Allahu Taalah Anhu ) came on a stone from arbain sea , the stones still lies in the dargah's compound of this Sahabi in Kasargud, Kerala Border, Karnataka state. Also you will find Arabia sea adjacent to this dargah shareef where you will also find great sunsets.





























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